Design Guarantee
You may cancel the project at anytime for any reason before we reach the development stage. In the event of a cancelled contract, we will refund your down payment minus 25% to cover administrative and/or production costs.

Hacker Proof Guarantee
We guarantee all of our hosted sites to be free from security loopholes and to essentially be hacker proof. Still, if your site gets hacked, we guarantee to restore it immediately at no cost to you and we further assert that never will an attack cause you to lose more than the most recent 24 hours of data. This guarantee does not apply to outside-hosted websites.

Code Validation Guarantee
We guarantee that all of your framework code will validate with current HTML and CSS standards. By framework we mean all of the HTML and CSS that make up your website with the exclusion of any third party plugins. We will not deliver a completed website that does not meet this standard.

Browser Guarantee
We guarantee that your website will display and operate as designed in all modern browsers, i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9+. We will also test your website in IE8, Safari and Opera to ensure that it is operational and has a reasonable appearance. We will not deliver a completed website that does not meet this standard.

Hosting Guarantee
We guarantee you the fastest WordPress CMS performance on the web. Our hosting partner provides us with multi-server clusters, lightning-fast hardware, in-RAM caching and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure that your site loads to your viewers as fast as possible. If you think you can get faster service elsewhere, we’ll transfer your site for you, free of charge.

Instant Restore Guarantee
If you are anticipating trying something risky with your site, with advanced notice we can provide you with an instant restore point so that if something doesn’t work, we can revert your entire site back to how it was, with the click of a button.

No Downtime Guarantee
Our goal for your website is 100% uptime. If for some unforeseen reason you ever experience down time, we will credit you back your monthly hosting fee at the rate of 10% per hour of downtime.

Ownership Guarantee
you’ll never be locked-in to hosting your website with us. If you decide to take your chances on another host, we will provide you with a backup of your entire site at your request, free of charge.