Google Analytics Dashboard allows you to view metrics from Google Analytics directly in your WordPress dashboard. Follow the instructions below to link your WordPress website with your Google Analytics account. If you do not have a Google Analytics account you will need to create one. If you do not see the Google Analytics link in the left hand menu bar then please contact us and request that we add Google Analytics Dashboard to your install.


Step One – From the left hand menu find the Google Analytics section and click General Settings.



Step Two – Click the Authorize Plugin button.



Step Three – Click the red Get Access Code button.



Step Four – You will be redirected to a Google authorization request page. Click the Accept button. **For this to work you must be logged into the google account you wish to track your analytics with.



Step Five – After hitting accept on the previous screen you will be given a tracking code. Copy the code, toggle back to your WordPress dashboard and paste it in the Access Code input area. Then press the Save Access Code button.