Add New User

Adding new users to WordPress or to WordPress Multisite is a quick and easy process. Follow the steps below to add a new user.


Add User to WordPress

  1. From the WordPress administration screen go to Users>Add New
  2. Fill out the username and email for the new user. Note that a unique email address is required – two users may not share the same email.
  3. Fill out the user’s first and last name. These fields are optional, but best practice is to always include them.
  4. WordPress will automatically generate a password and email it to your new user. If you need to view or change the user’s password click the ‘show password’ button.
  5. Once the password is in view you may change it. Note that for security reasons strong passwords are enforced. As you type the strength indicator will instantly show you how strong your password is. You will not be able to save the password unless the strength indicator turns green and displays the word ‘Strong’.
  6. Optionally you may check the box to have the new username and password automatically sent to the new user.
  7. Set the user’s role.
  8. click the ‘Add New User’ button.

You will be returned to the user list and there should be a success message near the top of the screen that says ‘New user created’. Your new user will receive an email with a link where they can view/reset their password and a second link to your sites login screen.

Add User to WordPress Multisite

Step one – create a network user

  1. From the Network Admin dashboard select Users>Add New
  2. Fill in the username and email address and click ‘Add User’. You should see a ‘User Added’ success message near top of your screen. Your user has now been added to the network, but they must be assigned to one or more actual network sites and given a role before they will be able to access any of the site administration panels.
  3. The new user will need to find the email generated by WordPress that contains their username and password info. The email will contain two links, one that takes them to a password reset screen and another that takes them to the dashboard login.

Step two – add user to one or more network sites

  1. From the dashboard of any of your networked sites select  Users>Add New
  2. From this screen you have two options: a) add existing user or b) add new user. You will need to fill in the email address in the ‘add existing user’ area, and then select a role for your user. This role will apply to this networked site only.
  3. Check the ‘Skip confirmation email’ box and then click the ‘add existing user’ button. Note: this box must be checked on sites hosted by OlyWebDev.
  4. repeat steps 1 through 3 for any additional networked sites you would like this user to be added to.


[alert type=”info” close=”true” heading=”For site administrators”]If you need help with this task please use the support request link located in your administration bar.[/alert]