St Aloysius Client Portal

Link to upload website content (Using Google Drive)

Documents & Information

Tasks St Aloysius is working on:

  • Start writing out messaging for the homepage (school values, mission statement, statistics, testimonials etc)
  • Upload any logos, images, and art to be used on the new site to Google Drive
  • Note any design preferences for colors, fonts, and icons to be used (These can be emailed or uploaded to Google Drive)
  • See if the school will create a new Google Calendar to use with the website
  • Check to see if application process will remain the same
  • Grant OlyWeb access to existing site if possible
  • Review Site Audit and mark pages as keep, update, or remove
  • Review New Site Menu Structure and make any necessary revisions or comments

Tasks OlyWeb is working on:

  • Set up initial staging site
  • Decide which modules are included on homepage
  • Begin preparation for content import

Login for Staging Site:




Guide to the New WordPress Block Editor

Link to Adobe Stock – Geometric Blue search