Speed Optimization

A website is a tool to reach your clients and customers and as such it should be seamless getting them to the experiences and resources without a second though. A slow or error-prone site can sabotage the goals you have your web presences in many cases less than a few seconds of wait time. That’s why all of our sites go through rigorous speed testing with the latest in web industry tools to make sure we’re taking every step in optimizing your site to the fullest extent.

Optimizations you’ll find on sites built by OlyWeb include:

  • Worldwide CDN network for optimized content delivery and server-side caching provided by WPEngine around the world
  • Minification of site assets like CSS and JavaScript
  • Image optimizations like lazy-loading and size optimizations right from your site’s dashboard.
  • Offloading of large assets to services like Amazon Web Services S3 buckets to free up your site from heavy data transfers.